International Corporate Registration Services

Panama is a well-conceived and developed offshore center that caters to the international community. With a strategic geographical location, the ability to quickly form a corporation, and freedom from local taxes on offshore operations, Panama is an excellent location for conducting legitimate business.

Our Panama and Offshore Resources sections outline many of the characteristics that make Panama an excellent international offshore center for the promotion of legitimate business.

As your confidential offshore management professionals in Panama, INTERTRUST can facilitate incorporation of your Panamanian company through competent local attorneys at rates that are generally lower than most other offshore centers.

Constituting Private Foundations

The law on private foundations is quite modern and flexible in Panama, even though it was inspired in the traditional European foundations.

Foundations operate free of any taxes when income is generated outside of Panama and may change their domicile to or from another jurisdiction at any time. Although the Foundation Charter must be registered at the Public Registry, the Regulations are not required to be registered and would remain a private document.

INTERTRUST‘s knowledgeable staff would be happy to work with you to constitute your offshore private foundation, and to take care of any ongoing offshore administrative services you may require.


Ship Registration

Panama’s Ship Registry is number-one worldwide. Due to the very low registration fees and taxes as compared to other countries throughout the world, ship registration under the Panama flag is widely used by international shipping companies.

Liberal labor laws concerning Panama flag vessels are also an important consideration as income earned on international shipping activities is specifically and expressly exempt from Panama income taxes.

Pleasure yacht registration is also easy, convenient and very affordable.

At INTERTRUST, we can expedite the process of registration of your vessel under the Panama flag… contact us for further details.

Other Administrative Services

INTERTRUST also offers a host of additional offshore administrative services from accounting and bookkeeping to mail forwarding to electronic commerce coordination….

If you don’t find the particular offshore service you are looking for, please contact us with the details of your specific offshore needs and we’ll do our best to help you find the perfect solution.

Other Offshore Centers

INTERTRUST maintains long-standing relations with reputable and efficient professionals in most other advantageous offshore centers, like Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Channel Islands, Liechtenstein, Nevis, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Singapore and Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming (USA). We can also assist you in incorporating or acquiring a company from those jurisdictions, if desired. Memorandums are available for some of these jurisdictions… Estimated costs and fees quoted upon request, detailing services required.

We would also like to emphasize our professionalism. We direct our efforts to provide high-quality services, expediently and at reasonable fees. Our commitment is to provide excellence in all our activities.

We thank you for accessing the information provided herein and invite you to contact us for any of the informative material available free of charge and/or any information you may want, regarding our organization or any other specific matter.

Julieta Díaz

Alexander Samos Robles
Vice President