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Welcome to Panama - an International Services Center

Panama as an International Services Center

For many decades, Panama has been recognized as a leading offshore center. Its status is based primarily on the fact that in Panama all foreign-source income is exempt from any tax assessment.

The truth is that Panama does have a very modern tax structure, solely taxing income generated within its fiscal territory. Income earned from term deposits and savings accounts placed at Panamanian or foreign banks in Panama is also free from taxation.

Likewise, invoicing and handling of commercial documents dealing with direct shipments of merchandise not coming to Panama is considered as foreign business for tax purposes.

Panama has fostered all aspects of offshore services, international banking and commerce, promoting attractive advantages, which coupled with aforementioned tax benefits and reasonable costs, makes it an ideal offshore center.

INTERTRUST is your offshore management solution in Panama.

With years of experience and a solid team of dedicated professionals, we offer top quality services in the following areas:

  • Offshore corporations and all related corporate services
  • Private foundations and related administrative services
  • Registration of ships under Panamanian flag

Other international administrative services offered include:

  • Invoicing, re-invoicing, handling of letters of credit and all related commercial documentation
  • Registration of P. O. Box, telephone and telefax numbers; mail forwarding, transmittal of telefaxes and answering telephone calls, through shared or dedicated lines
  • Registration of electronic mail address. Sending and receiving electronic mail
  • Limited accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Coordination of electronic commerce

Some Panama Offshore Advantages:

  • Stable tax structure, with no taxation on income from sources outside Panama
  • Laws governing corporations and other commercial entities are liberal
  • Incorporation of companies is expeditious and more economical to form and maintain than in most other jurisdictions
  • Panama operates the leading free-zone in the Western Hemisphere
  • Panama offers expedient, economic and favorable legislation for ship registration
  • Panama is a thriving and growing international financial center with no currency restrictions or exchange control
  • Panama allows the use of U.S. currency as legal tender and as a medium of exchange
  • Panama offers many excellent locally and internationally trained lawyers, as well as international auditing, consulting and brokerage firms
  • Most professionals and business persons in the cities of Panama and Colon are fluent in both English and Spanish
  • Panama offers a stock exchange that includes international trading activity
  • Private foundations are easier to constitute and operate in Panama due to very modern and flexible legislation, and less costly to form and maintain that a trust
  • Special legislation for tax free operation of captive insurance and reinsurance activities managed from Panama

Feel free to explore our website and learn about the advantages of Panama as an international services center. If you have any questions, please also feel free to contact us.