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International Offshore Corporate Service Fees

INTERTRUST International Offshore Corporate Service Fees

30-day name reservation $40.00 each
Incorporation Fee $550.00
Statutory Resident Agent's Fee (annual) $150.00
Government Franchise Tax (annual) $250.00 1st year, $300.00 thereafter
Director's Fee (annual) $200.00 each
Certified English translation of Corporate Charter $50.00
Company Dissolution $550.00

Constituting Private Foundations

Costs of constitution and annual maintenance are very much like those for a corporation. However, rates may vary depending on the length and complexity of the Foundation Charter and/or Regulations. Contact us with the details of your needs for a quote.

Ship Registration

One time enrollment fee based on a graded scale, plus a Government fee for registration of bill of sale is $0.20 per net registered ton or fraction thereof, plus 20% surtax. Annual tax is $0.10 per net ton plus other charges. Contact us for more details.

Other International Administrative Services

Fees for the following services are quoted upon request. Cost will depend on time involvement and the type and volume of activities:
Invoicing, re-invoicing, handling of letters of credit and all related commercial documentation. $ Contact us
Registration of P.O. Box, telephone and telefax numbers; mail forwarding, transmittal of telefaxes and answering telephone calls, through shared or dedicated lines. $ Contact us
Registration of electronic mail address. Sending and receiving electronic mail. $ Contact us
Accounting and bookkeeping services.  $ Contact us
Coordination of electronic commerce. $ Contact us


If there is an offshore service in Panama that you are interested in that is not listed here, please contact us for more information.

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