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Welcome to Panama - an International Services Center

Panama Offshore Resource Center

INTERTRUST is pleased to offer a selection of complementary offshore related publications which are available upon request. Simply fill out the following form completely:

Name:  Email: 
Phone:  Address/City: 
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Please select the publications you are interested in:

  Booklet containing Corporation Law and other Related Legislation
  Law regulating constitution and operation of Private Foundations
  Trust Law and corresponding regulatory provisions
  Additional copies of INTERTRUST's brochure
  Memorandum "Forming your Panama Company" available in:
       English    French    German    Italian    Spanish     Portuguese
  Order forms for Incorporation
  Memorandum "Ship Registration in Panama"
  Memorandum "Constituting your Private Foundation" available in:
         English  French     German   Italian      Spanish     Portuguese


Rest assured that at INTERTRUST, we respect your privacy and offer confidential offshore services. The information you submit will not be shared.

Feel free to explore our website and learn about the advantages of Panama as an offshore services center. If you have any questions, please also feel free to contact us.

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